Our services


We offer a range of support services as outlined below:


Market research: We conduct research and analysis on demand, competition, market size, and the local business environment in overseas markets, gathering information in advance.


  1. Entry strategy development: Based on the results of market research, we develop an entry strategy tailored to your business strategy and objectives. This includes building a business model that aligns with market needs and the local business environment, as well as selecting the appropriate entry destination.


  1. Legal and accounting support: We provide information on local laws and tax systems, as well as legal and accounting advice, supporting appropriate legal procedures and tax processing.


  1. Local company establishment support: We provide advice and support on the necessary procedures and capital requirements for establishing a local company, as well as employment conditions for employees.


  1. Recruitment support: We provide information on the local job market and advice on local recruitment, supporting appropriate recruitment processes.


  1. Localization support: When entering overseas markets, we consider language, culture, legal systems, and business practices, and support the localization of products, services, and marketing strategies.


  1. Translation and interpretation support: We arrange for translators and interpreters familiar with local languages and cultures to support business negotiations and contract creation.


  1. Logistics support: We provide advice and support for importing and exporting goods, as well as local logistics, supporting smooth logistics and transportation processes.


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