Company Overview



✅Corporate Philosophy


At Mars Global Expansion Consulting Corporation, which is a consulting firm dedicated to supporting overseas expansion, we prioritize “Dedication, Sincerity, and Respect” as our core value.


We approach our work with a sincere attitude and promise to be a growth partner, providing services rooted in local communities and offering global perspectives to help our clients make the best decisions.



✅Code of Conduct


・We provide services tailored to our clients’ needs, based on thorough information gathering and analysis.


・We maintain transparency and provide our clients with accurate and timely information. We also strive to explain potential risks appropriately, to ensure sustainable business development for our clients in their target countries.


・We prioritize fulfilling our social responsibility by providing advice that considers social impact and supporting our clients in contributing to the countries where they are expanding.


・We believe our support has a positive impact on society and strive for sustainable growth by looking to the future with our clients.


・We utilize our professional expertise to gather information, analyze data, and provide optimal solutions to meet our clients’ expectations and gain a competitive edge by providing unique services.


・We constantly monitor industry trends and aim to be a trusted partner for our clients.


・We aim for our clients’ success and will take risks together when necessary.



✅Code of Ethics


・We make every effort to determine the soundness and potential for growth in the countries where our clients plan to expand, to ensure they can approach their challenges with confidence.


・We comply with applicable government laws, regulations, and appropriate regulatory agencies at the federal, state, and local levels.


・We will not take any action that directly or indirectly manipulates or misleads the company’s independent auditors or influences them inappropriately during the audit or review of the company’s external financial reporting, where applicable.


・We take all reasonable measures to ensure the confidentiality of non-public information about our firm and its clients. This is to support the creation of external financial reports that are complete, accurate, timely, and understandable, as well as other public relations activities conducted by our office and its clients.


・We will continue to work earnestly and provide our clients with the best possible performance.


・In order to fulfill our social responsibility, we strive to be environmentally friendly and contribute to the public interest while considering environmental issues.


・We respect the human rights of our employees and do not tolerate discrimination.