Board of Directors


CEO: Dan Soma

As an independent financial advisor, he shares daily information to improve financial literacy for Japanese people on YouTube and multiple websites.

He is the author of “Super Beginner English speakers who can only say Hello” and “Why I recommend movies for those who want to have the best feasible job”.


After graduating from Waseda University in 1999, he started working for a leading auditing firm under the international accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers.

He gained knowledge of finance through practical experience in the financial industry, including consulting, and acquired experience in overseas real estate investment and long-term regular investment.


In his mid-20s, he started direct marketing and then started his own business. He encountered the information dissemination business during various setbacks and now he is expanding his business, including investment consulting for Philippine immigration, using it as a means.

He has extensive knowledge about overseas investments in emerging countries such as the Philippines, as well as overseas real estate and securities investments in the United States and Europe, and has connections in these fields.


His achievements include operating web media, such as a newsletter with over 10,000 subscribers, an information dissemination blog with over 200,000 monthly page views, and a Google AdSense blog with over 900,000 monthly page views.

He also has experience as an online course instructor in the field of business information at a major e-learning service. With over 7 years of online consulting experience, he has provided consulting guidance to more than 1,500 people (equivalent to three jumbo jets) with many successful outcomes.



Vice President: Yuzuru Mizohata

He graduated from Doshisha University in 2012 and began working at a recruitment agency. From his first year, he consistently achieved his individual sales targets and maintained his position as the top salesperson within the company from his fourth year onwards.

He was promoted to sales manager at the young age of 26. He made significant contributions to the company’s highest sales achievement (a 180% increase).


Between 2017 and 2018, he studied International Sales and Marketing, International Trade Finance, International Market Entry Strategies, and Global Value Chain in Canada. Upon his return to Japan, he worked at a food import trading company, where he provided import operations and sales services for food products from around the world, as well as the latest marketing information to Japanese clients.

In 2020, he founded a trading company and served as CEO. He partnered with manufacturers and brands around the world and engaged in buyer activities, mainly focusing on marketing strategy planning and execution. In the same year, he obtained the CITP®️/FIBP®️ certification as an international business and trade specialist.

He has also worked as an overseas expansion consultant and has been involved in market research for clients in various industries.


In 2021, he sold his company and then he moved to Germany in 2022 to work in international logistics.

He is currently engaged in sales activities at the Mars Global Expansion Consulting Corporation, Mexico branch, mainly focusing on the Americas.



Vice President: Grace Choi


Grace Choi was born in Seoul, South Korea, and studied in Taiwan, where she graduated from National Taiwan University.

In 2000, she began trading fresh vegetables from Shandong Province, China, to South Korea, with the encouragement of a South Korean fresh produce exchange importer.

In 2005, she used the knowledge she acquired in beauty surgery, cosmetics, and marketing techniques while studying in Taiwan to become the leading shareholder of KMC, a comprehensive cosmetics manufacturer based in South Korea, and enter the cosmetics industry.

By leveraging personal connections she had made through her fresh vegetable trade in China, she established the flagship KMC beauty store in Chaoyang District in Beijing, which uses South Korean beauty technology for skincare, and has since expanded to 120 stores throughout China.


Furthermore, through her vegetable trade between China and South Korea, she has built extensive personal networks in both countries, as well as deep trade knowledge.